I Bought The World's Largest Mystery Box! ($500,000)

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I cant believe I spent over $500,000 on mystery boxes
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  • Can I have a ps5

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  • Oh my god the demon slayer PS5 were cool

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  • “That’s a lot of chatter!”

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  • Mr beast: and we will open all the boxes also Mr beast: doesn't open the vat19 box they threw in the intro

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  • 5:03 they didn’t launch fire works

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  • I get different box wine

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  • 'I take it back I'm your mom now' -jimmy neutron ;)

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  • Dope aye

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  • Or tablets

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  • bob ross

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  • A Slwls S W.sis.a.a”s¿s”alalaka,a”ama”a,a0a

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  • Mr. beast explaining honey and Christ tryna open it 🤣

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  • hiii

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  • Bob Ross 4 lyfe

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  • C. V

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  • That lebron stuff probably worth more than 8,500.. wish I had the cash to buy it from you lol

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  • 0:19 is BOOM 3:25 is oof

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  • Bob ros

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  • 2:34

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  • Adam is such a mood😭🔥

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  • Jimmy: Im your mom now Jimmy in 2030: Sugar mommy

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  • Oh wow 500,000 dollars

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  • Man I wish I could win but there’s now way since I’m just a kid but all I could say is keep up the good work

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  • 9:40 we now know why there's a ps5 shortage

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  • i want to be your sister can I pleaaaase

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  • Magc

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  • Bob ross

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  • but is Karl forklift certified?

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  • Howyou get so much money

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  • Lol2:06

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  • Three dudes in a bathroom Chandler-2021

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  • Wow that's amazing I want to know how you guys do it!

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  • Mr beast you are fantastic bro. Im in india but wish to meet you in future

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  • Any gift for India fan mr beast

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  • 9:45

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  • Bddy

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  • 3:27:love the lazarbeam refrence

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  • Magic box

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  • how do u get all of those its waaayyy to expensive!!!

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  • I did:l

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    • Why did you let Jimmy drive XD

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  • Babbling dabbling mom

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  • 2:04 instantly thinks of the spongebob episode

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  • bob ross for life!!!!!

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  • Somebody please tell me how to befriend MrBeast. I need that slingshot car 🤣

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  • Mr Beast❤❤❤

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  • He remembers all the prices Impressive

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  • Magic

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  • the lamborghini tractor seem professional so it will be protractor:))

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  • Gets kaws figure and doesn’t know what it is... Rip

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  • Wow

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  • Chandlers brother could be chandlers double.

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  • Magical stuff

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  • Crazy mystery boxes 😱

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  • Your truly an inspiration tob those growing up keep up the the work

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  • The description: me: I don't have a dog is I have a bird

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  • 😅

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  • 250 000 mystery box

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  • Can I please get £600

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  • Mr beast is the best

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  • Haa bro I am in india i am very sad

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  • Oh my god the ending is shocking

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  • What happened to the fireworks at the end?

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  • My son's name is alex

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